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Physical review. Third series. B, Condensed matter 目次あり

American Physical Society

New York : Published for the American Physical Society by the American Institute of Physics, c1978-c1997

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1 18-56 P 洋雑誌 開架  1978-1997  

Vol.56 No.24 15 Dec. 1997

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1 洋雑誌 開架  1998/01/20
RAPID COMMUNICATIONS Electronic structure: wide-band, narrow-band, and strongly correlated systems Hubbard splitting and electron correlation in the ferromagnetic metal CrO2 R15 509 T. Tsojioka, T. Mizokawa, J. Okamoto, A. Fujimori, M. Nohara, H. Takagi, K. Yamaura, and M. Takano
Temperature dependence of the electronic structure of the charge-ordering manganite Pr0.5Sr0.5MnO3 R15 513 A. Chainani, H. Kumigashira, T. Takahashi, Y. Tomioka, H. Kuwahara, and Y. Tokura
Semiconductors I: bulk Optically active hydrogen dimers in crystalline silicon R15 517 A. N. Safonov, E. C. Lightowlers, and G. Davies
Semiconductors II: surfaces, interfaces, microstructures, and related topics Shot noise in out-of equilibrium resonant tunneling through an Anderson impurity R15 521 Guo-Hui Ding and Tai-Kai Ng
Surface core levels of the 3C SiC(001)3X2 surface: Atomic origins and surface reconstruction R15 525 H. W. Yeom, Y.-C. Chao, S. Terada, S. Hara, S. Yoshida, and R. I. G. Uhrberg Spin-charge separation in quantum Hall edge liquids R15 529 H. C. Lee and S.-R. Eric Yang
Resonant tunneling spectroscopy of interacting localized states: Observation of the correlated current through two impurities R15 533 V. V. Kuznetsov, A. K. Savchenko, D. R. Mace, E. H. Linfield, and D. A. Ritchie
Correlation functions of interacting fermions at finite temperature and size R15 537 Sebastian Eggert, Ann E. Mattsson, and Jari M. Kinaret
Prediction of charge separation in GaAs/AIAs cylindrical nanostructures R15 541 Jeongnim Kim, Lin-Wang Wang, and Alex Zunger
Symmetry in the insulator-quantum-Hall-insulator transitions observed in a Ge/SiGe quantum well R15 545 M. Hilke, D. Shahar, S. H. Song, D. C. Tsui, Y. H. Xie, and Don Monroe
Spin-squeezed ground states in the bilayer quantum Hall ferromagnet R15 549 T. Nakajima and H. Aoki
Enhanced anti-Stokes photoluminescence in a GaAs/AI0 .17Ga0.83As single quantum well with growth islands R15 553 L. Schrottke, H. T. Grahn, and K. Fujiwara
Multisubband infrared dressing of excitors in quantum wells R15 557 S. M. Sadeghi, J. F. Young, and J. Meyer
Photoluminescence from Si/SiO2 single quantum wells by selective excitation R15 561 Yoshihiko Kanemitsu and Shinji Okamoto
Diffusion and ordering of Cs adatoms on GaAs(001) studied by reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy R15 565 V. L. Alperovich and D. Paget
Surface physics, low-dimensional systems, and related topics Physical origin of exchange diffusion on fcc(100) metal surfaces R15 569 Byung Deok Yu and Matthias Scheffler
Observation of a phase transition from the T phase to the H phase induced by a STM tip in 1 T-TaS2 R15 573 Ju-Jin Kim, Chan Park, W. Yamaguchi, O. Shiino, K. Kitazawa, and T. Hasegawa Local charge injection in STM as a mechanism for imaging with anomalously high corrugation R15 577 D. Drakova and G. Doyen
Direct observation of conduction electron beam transmission through a Bi intercrystalline boundary R15 581 M. V. Tsoi, A. Bohm, M. Primke, V. S. Tsoi, and P. Wyder
ARTICLES Electronic structure: wide-band, narrow-band, and strongly correlated systems
Separation of spin and charge excitations in one-dimensional SrCuO2 15 589 C. Kim, Z.-X. Shen, N. Motoyama, H. Eisaki, S. Uchida, T. Tohyama, and S. Maekawa
Small-bandwidth perturbation theory for highly covalent Mott insulators 15 596 Yen-Sheng Su, T. A. Kaplan, and S. D. Mahanti
Critical properties of the dimerization transition in the Peierls-Hubbard model 15 609 Hiromi Otsuka
Properties of a Luttinger liquid with boundaries at finite temperature and size 15 615 Ann E. Mattsson, Sebastian Eggert, and Henrik Johannesson
Ultrasoft pseudopotentials applied to magnetic Fe, CO, and Ni: From atoms to solids 15 629 E. G. Moroni, G. Kresse, J. Hafner, and J. Furthmuller
Ab initio calculation of interstitial-atom effects in YFe10MO2X (X=E,H,B,C,N,O,F) 15 647 Jinbo Yang, Weihua Mao, Yingchang Yang, Senlin Ge, and Dongfeng Chen
Quadratic induced polarization by an external heavy charge in an electron gas 15 654 A. Bergara, I. Campillo, J. M. Pitarke, and P. M. Echenique
Semiconductors I: bulk
Ab initio study of point defects in CdF2 15 665 T. Mattila, S. Poykko, and R. M. Nieminen
Fourier-transform photoluminescence spectroscopy of excitors bound to group-III acceptors in silicon: Uniaxial stress 15 672 V. A. Karasyuk, M. L. W. Thewalt, S. An, and E. C. Lightowlers
Zeeman study of the orthorhombic FeIn pair center in silicon 15 685 Mats Kleverman and Per Tidlund
Magnetoresonant Raman scattering in zinc-blende-type semiconductors: Electron-phonon interaction mediated by a deformation potential 15 691 V. Lopez, G. E. Marques, J. Drake, and C. Trallero-Giner
Sp gap mode in GaP: Force-constant reductions and the loss of nearest-neighbor isotopic structure 15 701 E. G. Grosche, R. C. Newman, D. A. Robbie, R. S. Leigh, and M. J. L. Sangster
Electroabsorption spectroscopy of luminescent and nonluminescent π-conjugated polymers 15 712 M. Liess, S. Jeglinski, Z. V. Vardeny, M. Ozaki, K. Yoshino, Y. Ding, and T. Barton
Semiconductors II: surfaces, interfaces, microstructures, and related topics Metallicity of In chains on Si(111) 15 725 I. G. Hill and A. B. McLean
Correlation between Cu+-ion instability and persistent spectral hole-burning phenomena of CuCI nanocrystals 15 729 Shinji Okamoto and Yasuaki Masumoto
Recombination processes in SiGe/Si quantum wells measured by photoinduced absorption spectroscopy 15 734 E. Dekel, E. Ehrenfreund, D. Gershoni, P. Boucaud, I. Sagnes, and Y. Campidelli
Pade approximants for the ground-state energy of closed-shell quantum dots 15 740 Augusto Gonzalez, Bart Partoens, and Fran,cois M. Peeters
Electronic states of a two-dimensional electron system in a lateral superlattice and a perpendicular magnetic field 15 744 Xiaoguang Wu
Shell-filling effects and Coulomb degeneracy in planar quantum-dot structures 15 752 Satyadev Nagaraja, Philippe Matagne, Voon-Yew Thean, Jean-Pierre Leburton, Yong-Hoon Kim, and Richard M. Martin
Double-layered quantum dots in a magnetic field: The ground state and the far-infrared response 15 760 O. Mayrock, S. A. Mikhailov, T. Darnhofer, and U. Rossler
Near-surface electrons and acoustic phonons: Energy and momentum relaxation 15 770 Yuri M. Sirenko, K. W. Kim, and Michael A. Stroscio
Strong electron tunneling through mesoscopic metallic grains 15 782 D. S. Golubev, Jurgen Konig, Herbert Schoeller, Gerd Schon, and A. D. Zaikin Feynman's propagator applied to network models of localization 15 794 H. Mathur
Green's-function approach to the edge spectral density 15 806 J. H. Han
Transport of surface states in the bulk quantum Hall effect 15 814 Sora Cho, Leon Balents, and Matthew P. A. Fisher
Piezoelectric electron-phonon interaction in impure semiconductors: Two-dimensional electrons versus composite fermions 15 822 D. V. Khveshchenko and Michael Reizer
High-field miniband transport in semiconductor superlattices in parallel electric and magnetic fields 15 827 P. Kleinert and V. V. Bryksin
Ordering effects in Raman spectra of coherently strained GaAs1_xNx 15 836 A. M. Mintairov, P. A. Blagnov, V. G. Melehin, N. N. Faleev, J. L. Merz, Y. Qiu, S. A. Nikishin, and H. Temkin
Enhancement of bulklike second-order nonlinear susceptibility in SiGe/Si step wells and biasing-field controlled (Si5Ge5)l00 superlattices 15 842 Xinhui Zhang, Zhenghao Chen, Linzhen Xuan, Shaohua Pan, and Guozhen Yang
Theoretical investigations of As overlayers on InP(110) surfaces 15 847 S. Mankefors, P. O. Nilsson, J. Kanski, and K. Karlsson
Energy fluctuations, Thouless energy, and conductance in the Anderson model in the ballistic and diffusive regimes 15 853 E. Cuevas, E. Louis, M. Ortuno, and J. A. Verges
Transport through dirty interfaces 15 860 Kees M. Schep and Gerrit E. W. Bauer
Surface physics, low-dimensional systems, and related topics Numerical simulation of electron energy loss near inhomogeneous dielectrics 15 873 F. J. Garcia de Abajo and J. Aizpurua
Efficient method for the simulation of STM images. I. Generalized Green-function formalism 15 885 J. Cerda, M. A. Van Hove, P. Sautet, and M. Salmeron
Efficient method for the simulation of STM images. II. Application to clean Rh(111) and Rh(lll)+c(4x2)-2S 15 900 J. Cerda, A. Yoon, M. A. Van Hove, P. Sautet, M. Salmeron, and G. A. Somorjai
Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of polyaniline: Evidence for chain-folded lamellae with anomalous deformability 15 919 P. K. Ho, P.-C. Zhang, L. Zhou, S. F. Y. Li, and H. S. O. Chan
Bond hybridization and structural properties of clusters of group-IV elements 15 926 A. M. Mazzone
Microscopic structure and transitions in xenon multilayer films 15 938 James M. Phillips and John Z. Larese
Anisotropy of ordering kinetics in a single-phase adsorbed film: c(2X2)0-Mo(011) 15 947 A. G. Fedorus, V. F. Koval, A. G. Naumovets, and O. A. Panchenko
NaCI clusters on MgO(001): A model system to explore interfacial crystal growth, nucleation, and grain-boundary formation 15 952 D. C. Sayle, C. R. A. Catlow, and M.-A. Perrin
Surface reorganization observed on YB4(001) 15 962 J. Gunster, T. Tanaka, and R. Souda
Diamond films heteroepitaxially grown on platinum (111) 15 967 Takeshi Tachibana, Yoshihiro Yokota, Koichi Miyata, Takashi Onishi, Koji Kobashi, Masayoshi Tarutani,Yoshizo Takai, Ryuichi Shimizu, and Yoshihiro Shintani
Probing the structures of bimetallic Sn/Rh(111) surfaces: Alkali-ion scattering and x-ray photoelectron diffraction studies 15 982 Yingdong Li, Michael R. Voss, Nathan Swami, Yi-Li Tsai, and Bruce E. Koel
Surface-plasmon modes in Zn-doped InAs(001) and (111) 15 995 G. R. Bell, C. F. McConville, and T. S. Jones
High-resolution photoelectron emission spectroscopy of surface states on Ni(111) 16 003 J. Kutzner, R. Paucksch, C. Jabs, H. Zacharias, and J. Braun
Forces and frequency shifts in atomic-resolution dynamic-force microscopy 16 010 Franz J. Giessibl
Direct evidence for the nature of core-level photoemission satellites using angle-resolved photoemission extended fine structure 16 016 Edward J. Moler, Scot A. Kellar, Zahid Hussain, Yufeng Chen, David A. Shirley, W. R. A. Huff, and Zhengqing Huang
COMMENTS Comment on "Significance of the highest occupied Kohn-Sham eigenvalue" 16 021 John P. Perdew and Mel Levy
Reply to "Comment on 'Significance of the highest occupied Kohn-Sham eigenvalue' " 16 029 Leonard Kleinman
Comment on "Electronic structure of the N-V center in diamond: Theory" 16 031 J. P. Goss, R. Jones, P. R. Briddon, G. Davies, A. T. Collins, A. Mainwood, J. A. van Wyk, J. M. Baker, M. E. Newton, A. M. Stoneham, and S. C. Lawson
Reply to "Comment on 'Electronic structure of the N-V center in diamond: Theory' " 16 033 A. Lenef and S. C. Rand
Cumulative Author Index 16 035
創刊・終刊 : Vol. 18 (1978)-v. 56, no. 24 (Dec. 15, 1997)
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Phys. rev., B, Condens. matter

Physical review. B, Condensed matter

Condensed matter

Physical review B

Physical review. Third ser. B, Condensed matter

Physical review. Third series B, Condensed matter

Physical review. Ser. 3. B, Condensed matter

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Title varies sligtly: Physical review. Third series B, Condensed matter, v. 55, no. 1 (Jan. 1, 1997)

Frequency: Semimonthly, 1 July 1978- ; 3 no. a month, 1 Jan. 1987-15 Jun. 1991; 4 no. a month, 1 July 1991-15 Dec. 1997

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