1st. Floor


New arrival magazines (Japanese)

New magazines (Japanese) are here.

New arrival magazines (Foreign languages)

New magazines (foreign languages) arrived.
And new arrival issued by IEEJ, IEICE, IPSJ are here.

Open-shelf magazines (Japanese)

The magazines (Japanese) with high use are lined in alphabetical order.

Open-shelf magazines (Foreign languages)

Subcribed magazines (foreign languages) are lined in alphabetical order.

Stack room for Japanese magazines

The magazines (Japanese) with low use, the Bulletin of universities, Master's thesis, PhD's thesis and microfilm of newspaper are stored here, lined in alphabetical order.
(To copy Master/PhD thesis, approval of the owner of copyright is necessary. Please contact our staff for details.)

Stack room for foreign magazines

The magazines (foreign languages) which are not subscribed are stored here and lined in alphabetical order.