Application to use the library

Application to use the library

In order to borrow books from the library, you must register your email address. If you are a UEC student, please refer to the online manual below and register your email address (which will be used as your contact information) on your “My Library” page of the library website.
If you are a member of the UEC’s faculty, please fill out a “Faculty Application Form” at the counter on the second floor of the library. For non-university members who wish to use the library, please visit the “For non-university members” page.

Status Identification How to register
Student Student ID card Register your email address (contact information) on the “My Library” page of the library website.
Faculty Faculty ID card When issuance or reissue of Faculty ID card , to submit application for registration of faculty staff.
Your faculty ID card also serves as your library ID card.If you do not have the faculty ID card, please contact the Secretary Unit, General Affairs Section.

Graduation research registration

If you are assigned to graduation research, you can register as a graduation research student at the counter on the 2nd floor.
Then you can borrow up to 6 books for 1 month.
On the registration card you need to fill in lines of Student ID, Name, Laboratory, Laboratory Number.