What's "My Library"

University students and faculty can use “My Library” to reserve books and view the current availability of books. Faculty can also request copies of documents and interlibrary loans from other institutions.

Logging in to My Library


Click on the “My Library” link on the library website and enter your ID and password for educational computing from the Information Technology Center.
When using “My Library” from a public computer, please be sure to close the web browser after your session is finished.

Reserving books


Books currently on loan can be reserved.
Search for the book you would like using the “On-campus materials search” field on the top page of “My Library”. On the details screen of the checked-out material, click the “Reserve” button. Select the conditions for your reservation and complete the reservation procedure.
When the book you have reserved is returned, the library will e-mail or call you. Please collect your book at the counter within one week.

Viewing current availability


You can view the status of books you have reserved on the “Reserved materials” screen, and the materials you are currently borrowing on the “Currently borrowed materials” screen.

Registering and changing your e-mail address


You can register and change your e-mail address from the “E-mail address” link in the menu.
You have to register your email address before you can borrow books. Please refer to this link for more information.

Requesting extramural document copying or interlibrary loans


University faculty can request copies of documents and interlibrary loans from other institutions using “My Library”.

Please see this link for information on using the extramural document copy and interlibrary loan services.