Using databases

Using databases (on-campus only)

University of Electro-Communications faculty staff and students may access the databases listed below from on-campus terminals. We encourage you to use them to search for documents and when creating reports and theses.

Please be aware that the automatic or systematic use of databases through the use of programs or other means is strictly prohibited. High-volume access may result in the suspension of access to these databases for the entire university, so please take care.


  1. WEB OF SCIENCE Core collection
  2. Inspec
  3. InCites JCR

From the top page, users can register individually and adjust cross-search settings.
* Web of Science:About using Web of Science

* Inspec
A comprehensive index to the global journal and proceedings literature in physics, electrical/electronic engineering, computing, control engineering, mechanical engineering, production and manufacturing engineering, and information technology. It is available on the platform of Web of Science.

* InCites JCR:About using InCites JCR
The online edition of Journal Citation Reports. Users can check the impact factor of papers.

A tool that supports document management and paper writing is provided.
* EndNote Web:About using EndNote Web

SciFinder The online edition of Chemical Abstracts.
* SciFinder:About using SciFinder
CiNii Users can search domestic Japanese academic society publications and academic papers from university research bulletins, the National Diet Library index of journal papers, and books in university library collections.
* CiNii:About using CiNii
INIS The International Nuclear Information System. A database of information created by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) featuring papers on nuclear power.
MathScinet The online database of the American Mathematical Society Mathematical Reviews.
PubMed Created by the United States National Library of Medicine; contains document indexes and summaries.

How to use each database

Web of Science ------------
A tutorial and other information can be found at the following links:
Using Web of Science
New user registration
Search Operators

InCites JCR ------------
A tutorial and other information can be found at the following links:
Journal Citation Reports: Learn the Basics

EndNote Web ------------
A tutorial and other information can be found at the following links:
EndNote Online Quick Reference Guide

How to use SciFinder:
1. Access this link and register an ID and password.
2. Please refer this PDF about user registration.
3. Please register from a terminal on-campus (IP address restrictions apply to registration).

CiNii ------------
The CiNii Quick Guide is available at the link below:
CiNii Articles - User Guide - Quick Guide