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Using electronic journals (on-campus only)

University of Electro-Communications faculty and students may access electronic journals via the on-campus computer terminals.
Please be aware that the autonomous and/or systematic downloading of electronic journal content through the use of programs or other means is strictly prohibited. Automatic downloading of large volumes of content such as all editions of an electronic journal may cause the publisher to suspend usage. The University of Electro-Communications has had electronic journal usage suspended before, so please refrain from excessive downloading.

Please also be aware that the permissible scope of usage differs for each title due to the respective electronic journal’s contract conditions. To determine the permissible scope of usage for a title, check the details screen for materials with a location marked as “Online” in the campus online public access catalog (OPAC) search results.

List of journals

For a list of electronic journals available from the University of Electro-Communications, please access from the link below.

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