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Links to journals by publisher

Science Direct
"Subscription journals" (no restriction on use) 3 titles

"Non subscription journals" (Prepaid transaction method)
Titles other than the above can be used by prepaid transaction method.
For details on using transactions, see the following page.

Using ScienceDirect prepaid transactions (on-campus only)

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Springer LINK In addition to journals, Springer Link offers access to books (Springer eBook Computer Science).
For details, please visit the ebook page.
Wiley Online Library Subscription titles and STM (science, technology and medicine) Collection
Users may view the full text of relevant titles (approximately 830 titles). As a general rule, volume/issue after 1997 is available.

Subscription titles are as follows.
  • Advanced materials
  • Angewandte Chemie International edition in English
  • Cognitive science
  • Concurrency and computation : practice & experience
  • European journal of inorganic chemistry
  • Fatigue & fracture of engineering materials & structures
  • Information Systems Journal
  • International journal of robust and nonlinear control
  • Journal of combinatorial designs
  • Journal of computer assisted learning
  • The Journal of Finance
  • Journal of graph theory
  • Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series B, Statistical methodology
  • Journal of topology
  • Luminescence : the journal of biological and chemical luminescence
  • The Modern language journal
  • Physica status solidi. A, Applied research
  • Software : practice and experience
  • Topics in cognitive science : journal of the Cognitive Science Society

For title of STM collection, please see the title list (Excel file) of Wiley's homepage.
Nature and sister publications For Nature, access to content from 1997 onward available.
For sister publications, Access to content from 2012 onward available.
IOP(Institute of Physics) The full text of journals compiled in IOPscience extra may be viewed.
JSTOR JSTOR mainly provides archives (back numbers) of electronic journals, and the University of Electro-Communications subscribes to Mathematics and Statistics collection.

Links to journals by academic society and organization

IEEE Xplore The full text of all IEEE and IEC (formerly IEE) titles is viewable.
* IEEE Xplore Quick Guide (PDF)
* IEL Online : IEEE Xplore Usage Manual (PDF)
ACM Digital Library The full text of all titles may be viewed.
ACS(American Chemical Society) The full text of all journals titles may be viewed.
AIP Scitaion A service that provides access to the group of journals published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP) and online editions of academic journals by other academic societies. Full text may only be viewed for titles for which the print or online editions that the library has purchased may be viewed.

Journals published by AIP Journals of publishers other than AIP, on AIP Scitation site
AMS The full text of titles purchased by the library in print and online editions, may be viewed.
APS The full text of all titles may be viewed.
INFORMS The full text of titles purchased by the library in print editions, may be viewed. And following titles are not purchased but it may be viewed.
OSA The full text of titles for which the library has an online subscription may be viewed.
IEICE Technical Report Archives You can view all the technical reports of IEICE Communications Society (IEICE-CS) and Information and Systems Society (IEICE-ISS) that were published more than one month ago, at the IEICE Technical Report Online System.

[How to view]
1. Make an account of the IEICE Technical Report Online System.
Note: If you already have the account, skip this step.
2. Sign in to the IEICE Technical Report Online System from the network at UEC.
3. PDF icons will appear at advance program pages, etc. If you want to do a bulk download, please click a [Download Paper's PDF archive] link at the bottom of the advance program pages. You will have an electric version of all technical reports of the corresponding workshop/conference in ZIP format.