Using library materials for visitors

Service information

  • View library materials (materials in laboratory collections is not used)
  • Copy library materials (not allowed for profit, Copy agency, etc.)
  • Searching all collection catalogs
  • Use information searching services

Note: Non-university members can not borrow materials. Persons who belong to a university (other than the University of Electro-Communications) is able to borrow books through the mail via the university library interlibrary loan system. Please ask at your university’s library for details.

Check material availability

Please note that even if you visit the University of Electro-Communications Library in person, for various reasons you may not be able to use the materials you want for various reason of they are currently checked out, being repaired, or in the collection of a laboratory.

Persons who wish to use specific materials are encouraged to inquire about their availability in advance via e-mail, etc. When making your inquiry, please include your full name, contact information, and as much detailed bibliographic information for the materials you want to use as possible.

Copying library materials

Library materials may be copied within the scope allowed by the Japanese Copyright Act. When using the copy machines, always be sure to fill out an application for copying documents/library materials first.

You can use the copying machine (prepaid-type) in the library. Only black-and-white printing can be used. Also note that a copy card, sold at the university co-op, is required to make copies. When purchasing a copy card, please check the co-op business hours.

Inquiries and checking material availability

Academic Information Service Section , Academic Information Office, University of Electro-Communications TEL:  042-443-5128 FAX:  042-484-3554